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Oct 1, 2011 2:30pm PDT
is endangered because of palm oil. >> palm oil is used to produce many things -- makeup, biodiesel fuel for cars, and, yes, even some of our favorite snacks. in fact, the world wildlife fund says 50% of the packaged foods found in grocery stores are made with palm oil. >> the way they make -- harvest palm oil is, they cut down an area of rainforest -- they actually burn it -- and then they use that area to plant a palm-tree farm where they use the fruit of the palm tree to make the oil. >> to understand this issue, you need to understand some definitions. sustainable palm oil comes from farmers who are helping to protect the rainforests. non-sustainable palm oil comes from farmers who are hurting the ecosystem. >> they're destroying orangutan habitats and habitats of all the animals in the indonesian rainforest. >> jordan started researching non-sustainable palm oil as a sixth-grade current-events project. he realized he wanted to do something about it, so he recruited his classmates. >> i helped, like, spread the word. >> i did some online, like, posters and banners. >> i was gett
Oct 29, 2011 9:00am EDT
. >> stay with us. there's a lot more coming up on "teen kids news." >> we'll be right back. >> it's considered one of our country's best colleges, and it has several names. "the academy." "the point." "west point." tyler tells us about the history of the u.s. military academy at west point. >> west point traces its roots back to the american revolution. general washington considered this the most important military location in america. he called it "the key to the continent." >> both the british and the americans knew that whoever controlled the hudson river would probably win the war. the best way to move a lot of people -- men, soldiers, supplies, provisions -- was by water, using ships and boats. so controlling the river networks in america was an important aspect in the war. >> massive fortifications were built and crammed with continental soldiers. >> show us your bayonets! >> all: huzzah! bayonets! >> to keep the british from traveling upriver and dividing the colonies, a giant, 100-ton chain was stretched across the hudson. these here are links from the original chain. each l
Oct 29, 2011 1:00pm EDT
service. >> assistant secretary mike hammer has been showing us around the state department, explaining the role of the u.s. foreign service. >> you get to represent the united states and tell america's story. we have a great story. we're a great democracy. we stand for freedom. we are out there helping people. we're trying to make the world a better place. >> if you think you might want to consider a career in the foreign service, visit the state department's website. you can take a quick test that can help you decide if the job's right for you. here's an example of some questions. the test asks you if you would enjoy... >> yeah, that would be pretty awesome. i mean, you'd get to visit all different places and represent the u.s. i mean, i can't think of a higher honor than that. >> how about... >> i definitely would actually love to travel and see new places, and i think that it would be a great time. >> however, there are additional questions that show this career is not for everyone. for example, will you enjoy... >> no. honestly, it would be difficult to not live next to your home -
Oct 29, 2011 1:30pm EDT
so will getting into college. i've got what it takes. so do you. these people really needed us and i was going to make a difference, right here in my community. announcer: be there for your community, at >> "teen kids news" starts right now, and we've got a lot to report. >> i'll tell you about a medical condition in teens that's common, painful, and often untreated. >> we hear about them in the news all the time, but what exactly is a diplomat? we visit the u.s. state department to find out. >> i'll tell you why there's a blindfolded woman on one of our state flags. >> i'll tell you about dinner companions we can only dream about. >> that and much more, so keep watching "teen kids news." >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm livia. here's our top story for this week. >> headaches can be a huge pain, but for some teens who get an extreme type of headache, it's an even bigger problem. tyler has the story. >> when daniel beecher complained about constant headaches, people thought he was making excuses. but his headaches were real and more severe t
Oct 1, 2011 1:30pm EDT
here's what we've got. a teen tells us about the gift that changed her life, literally. >>> it's a dangerous world out there. are you street smart? >> find out why some people are wild about rugby. >>> so what is the difference between a college and university? the answer may surprise you. >>> tired of the same old boring breakfast? then i'll show you how to make something delicious and different. >> and much more, next on "teen kids news." >>> mwanzaa: welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm jessica. here's our top story for this week. >> nearly 100,000 people across the country are on an important waiting list. they need an organ transplant. in some cases, their lives depend on it. felipe has the story of katy holland, a pennsylvania teen who made it to the top of that list. >> reporter: just a few years ago, the crowded streets of new york city would have been too much for katy to handle. >> she'd walk, like, one block and be, okay, we'll sit and relax now. so this just wouldn't happen ever. >> reporter: that's because katy was weighed down by a bad heart. >> i was
Oct 8, 2011 1:30pm EDT
scenes. for example, on committees. and he's using that influence to promote statehood for his people. >> we're part of this nation, we have been part of this nation for over a century and we want to contribute the same way that others do up here. >> in fact, with almost 4 million residents, puerto rico has a bigger population than that of 24 u.s. states. including oregon, oklahoma and connecticut. statehood means congress would have to add some members, two in the senate and at least seven in the house of representatives. that could affect the balance of power here on capitol hill. commissioner pierluisi received this gavel in recognition for his introducing the puerto rico democracy act to the house of representatives. the act calls for puerto ricans to hold a plebiscite, that means a vote, on one of three options -- becoming a state, becoming an independent country or remaining a u.s. territory. in earlier plebiscites, puerto ricans have voted against statehood. one reason, becoming a state would mean they would have to pay more taxes. yet for generations, puerto ricans have
Oct 22, 2011 9:00am EDT
text etiquette, most of us are in uncharted territory. tyler joins us now to talk about the dos and don'ts of texting. tyler? >> one sec, mwanzaa. i'm wrapping up this text. was that rude? most teens, in a recent survey, say "yes," yet for some reason, we still do it. when is the wrong time to send a text message? >> obviously, like, if you're in class. >> like, at the movies. >> way late in the evening, like, waking somebody up. >> when you're in the car. >> probably dinner, 'cause my mom, like, hates me when i, like, staran she's trying to talk to me. >> okay, we know it's wrong to text at school, dinner, or when talking with a friend, but have you ever done it? >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> yes, but i've never sent a text at school. >> margaret sullivan is with text plus, a mobile app that's very interested in texting trends. so, it did a survey and found that the average teen sends 100 texts a day. that's about 3,000 texts a month. here's what else the survey found. >> 75% of texters say that it's rude to talk and text at the same time -- to text in the middle of a conversation, bu
Oct 1, 2011 1:00pm EDT
. >> join us as we hit the fashion runway for an exclusive look at the fall ralph lauren girls and holiday collection. >> in flag facts, i'll explain why one of our states owes its name to a mistake. >> i'll tell you about one of america's most beloved historical poems. it tells a rousing tale of colonial heroism. but it stretches the truth. >> that and much more, so keep watching "teen kids news." >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm livia. here's our top story for this week. >> as we all know, jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system. but there's still a lot more to learn about this distant giant. that's what nasa's newest space mission is going to find out. harry tells us more. >> packed with the very latest scientific gear, juno launched in august 2011. >> it gets to jupiter in 2016, so it takes five years to get to jupiter. >> whoa! did he say five years? >> five years to get to jupiter. >> well, the distance we're talking about is over 366 million miles. that's equal to going around the earth almost 15,000 times. juno has a unique design. it looks
Oct 8, 2011 2:30pm PDT
. >> on capitol hill, for "teen kids news," i'm nicole. >> stay with us. there's a lot more coming up on "teen kids news." >> we'll be right back. >> do you know which countries boarder the dead sea or which state averages more rainfall -- nevada or delaware? these are just some of the questions these students have to answer in order to make it here, the national geographic bee. >> mozambique. >> mongolia. >> portugal. >> for more than 20 years, the national geographic bee has been challenging students to learn about the world around them. >> which european capital city is located closer to an international border -- madrid or copenhagen? >> copenhagen. >> copenhagen is correct. >> john fahey, the president of national geographic, says his organization's mission is to "inspire people to care about the planet." he hopes the bee will "foster a life long passion for learning about other cultures." here's how it works. the competition starts in schools. students compete against their classmates, and the winner then advances to the statewide competition. one winner from each state gets a t
Oct 15, 2011 4:00pm PDT
capitol hill, for "teen kids news," i'm nicole. >> stay with us. there's a lot more coming up on "teen kids news." >> we'll be right back. >> a secret memo shows the justice department gave the c.i.a. approval to kill anwar al-awlaki, a charismatic u.s.-born cleric and al-qaeda operational leader. the memo, placing al-awlaki on a "kill or capture" list, calling him a combatant targeting u.s. citizens -- that took away his protection, says an american. the justice department justifying his killing as an act of self-defense. awlaki was killed in a c.i.a.-led drone strike on september 30th. he's been connected to the fort hood shooting and failed underwear-bomb attack. israel welcomes parts of an international proposal to resume long-stalled peace talks with the palestinians. the plan, by mid-east mediators known as the "quartet," calls for a peace deal in a year and asks both sides to produce comprehensive proposals on territory and security within three months. israeli officials expressing concern about the plan's timetable. palestinians vowing not to return to talks unless israel freez
Oct 22, 2011 4:00pm PDT
uses technology and electronics, has died. steve jobs was 56 when he passed away. he was responsible for building one of the most valuable companies in the world, producing products like the ipod, iphone, and ipad. jobs suffered from pancreatic cancer. he leaves behind a wife and four children. for "teen kids news," i'm laura engle, fox news channel in the classroom. >> if you enjoy traveling, experiencing different cultures, and would like to represent the united states abroad, then you might want to consider becoming a diplomat. lauren looks into what a diplomat does and what it takes to become one. >> let's start with a quick american history question. >> the department of state. >> correct. while usually called the state department, the official name is the united states department of state. it was established all the way back in 1789. with headquarters in washington, d.c., the state department is headed by the secretary of state, currently hillary clinton. its job is to oversee all our foreign relations. in fact, listen to how the state department describes its mission. that's q
Oct 22, 2011 1:30pm EDT
school. these people really needed us and i was going to make a difference, right here in my community. announcer: be there for your community, at >>> "teen kids news" is on now, and here's what we've got. >>> find out about a growing cancer threat to teens and a young victim who survived. >>> i'll have a great story about teens who saw a need and served up a long distance solution. >>> a country store that brings everything full circle. i'll explain. >>> need to print out a class report? i'll show you how to do it the old-fashioned way, if you've got the time. >>> and much more, next, on "teen kids news." >>> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm jessica. here's our top story for this week. >>> whether it's from the sun or a tanning bed, that glow in your cheeks could be anything but healthy. and here's something you might not realize -- being young doesn't protect you from the effects of damaging rays. amanda reports on a rise in skin cancer among teens. >> most kids her age think it'll never happen to them. >> reporter: cancer was certainl
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)